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Nightfall release breaks taboos, gets great reception at MacWorld Expo

Palo Alto, CA - January 21, 1999 - At MacWorld Expo 99, Altor Systems of Palo Alto, CA broke sacred gaming taboos, and got a great reaction at MacWorld Expo with Nightfall, premiering on the Macintosh platform. Nightfall is a puzzle/exploration game, combining a haunting experience with the latest technology, in an easy to use environment. Nightfall breaks 3 gaming taboos - it is non violent & high tech, has easy to use 3D, and is a leading edge Mac first title. As a result, it had a great reception at MacWorld Expo 99, with hundreds of people coming forward to comment that this is what they want.

At the Altor stand in the consumer showcase, interest was high in a game which was beautiful, high tech, and non-violent. "At last, something that I can play!" was the exclamation of one visitor. Hundreds echoed the same theme, after seeking mystery and puzzle games around the expo floor, finding Nightfall to be the only one available now. Many were astonished that a leading edge game could come to the Mac first, breaking the fatalistic view that everything good had to come from the PC. Many said "You are doing something good here" to the expo staff, who were hard pressed to keep up with game orders. Some even demanded we do a PC port as soon as possible! A PC release is currently planned for late 99.

Nightfall breaks three gaming taboos.

1) Violence = high tech.
The common wisdom is that games for your mind, with mystery and beauty, have to be older tech (slideshow, movies, and panaoramas). High tech 3D games always have to have some amount of destruction, violence, bloodshed. Nightfall gives you a peaceful, mysterious environment, with beautiful textures and haunting music, along with all the benefits of real time 3D. Because Nightfall is high tech, it looks stunning on the iMac, providing extremely smooth motion, detail, and interactivity.

2) 3D games have to be difficult to use.
You need to learn which keys do what to play the game. Nightfall breaks the taboo, with a new patent pending interface. Solve puzzles, explore, or just watch and soak up the atmosphere. Nightfall is easy to use - point and click to move, turn, and hold objects. You can even swim, climb, and get force feedback using a regular mouse! Why read a manual - just dive in and play.

3) PCs get the leading edge games first, or equal first.
Nightfall breaks the PC first or equal taboo, by being a leading edge game available first on the Mac! Gameplay, 3D puzzles, and the new interface are found only in Nightfall. Moreover, source code and tools are included on the CD. Why wait months or years for a game editor that PC users have had from day one? Why be dependent on PC users to author mods for your Mac game? Nightfall was designed for Mac users right from the start. With Nightfall, Mac gaming is alive and well!

About Nightfall

Based on a real myth and actual characteristics of ancient Egyptian culture, experience a depth of game play that could only come from real life. Explore a vast array of tunnels and rooms, solving puzzles which have taken months to design. At the same time, these puzzles use the best of 2D and 3D environments to provide new ways of playing as well as new types of problems to be solved.

Nightfall uses stunning real time 3D graphics, haunting music, and a deep storyline to transport you to another world. The game is designed to be easy to use, and challenging to solve. Use your mind and/or your reflexes, and complete the game without violence, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy. Nightfall can be played in any order and in many styles. Saved games let you access all but the secret level. Challenge yourself and solve the whole game, or wander around soaking up the atmosphere. The choice is yours.

Nightfall is a real time 3D game, yet the patent-pending interface makes it easy to use, a natural progression beyond traditional 2D puzzle games. Moreover, the finesse of control, combined with the real time 3D environment, allows you the freedom to improvise. Instead of following prescribed, pre-rendered scenes, explore and control the world in your own way, and in your own time.

To enhance the experience still further, editing tools, example art, and code are included on the CD. Customize Nightfall, or make your own completely new 3D game. Find new games to play from the Internet. Finishing Nightfall is just the start!

Nightfall is available on CD-ROM for $30 + shipping from Altor's website - Altor Systems web site. US and international orders are accepted, via the web, fax, email, and mail.

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