Nightfall Reviews and Demo


    As they appear, links to reviews will be posted. See what others have to say about Nightfall.

    • Nightfall recieves 4 1/2 Mice from MacWorld Australia!
      We just read the September 1999 issue of MacWorld Australia. The first words of the review are "To put it simply, Nightfall is a stunner. Think Riven in a fully 3D environment with complete movement". They say "It looks great and plays well" and give it 4 1/2 Mice out of 5.

    • According the Nightfall review in the May issue of MacAddict Magazine, "Myst, Amber, and Morpheus fans will enjoy Nightfall" . They also state that "One outstanding aspect of the game is that you can jump right in.". They give it a "spiffy" rating and include the demo in the magazine CD.

    • "I recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed Myst or Riven." is the conclusion of the My Mac review of Nightfall in the April edition of My Mac Magazine.

    • Nightfall received a perfect overall score of 5 out of 5 in this review from Mac Gamers Ledge! They conclude that the game has "breathed new life into the adventure genre" and "Nightfall is a great game and indicative of what future adventure games should be modelled after".

    • Nightfall is mentioned three weeks in a row in the The Mac Observer. In the March 30th 1999 column of the Name of the Game, called Nightfall: An Idiot's Guide they talk about playing the game. They were "surprised at Altor's innovative ideas" and talk about the "new freedom to its players" Nightfall allows. "we found ourselves sucked into Nightfall until the wee hours of the morning on more than one occassion". Finally, they rated Nightfall as allowing "more player freedom than any adventure game before it", and said "Nice job, guys!". In the March 23rd column, Nightfall's engine is described as an "incredible product", and an example of "The Game of the Future". For more, visit The Mac Observer . They also rate Nightfall as one of their New Mac Games: The '99 Drool List in the previous weeks editorial.

    • A review of Nightfall has been posted at MacGamez . They say the game is revolutionary, and rate the it at 4 1/2 apples out of 5!

    • 4 1/2 Joysticks out of 5 from Inside Mac Games for Nightfall! Read and see the pictures here to find out more.

    • A perfect 5 out of 5 in the Mac Game Gate review of Nightfall! The proof is here.

    • Mac Warrior has a GREAT review of Nightfall! Check out the news here.

    • Mac Reactor has (as far as we know) the first full review of Nightfall! To read the review, click here.

    • Randy Whitted at TechWeb mentions Nightfall as one of My Favorite (Macworld) Things.


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