Project B, G4TimeDemo, and the G4

Some time ago, we took a look around at the chips and computers coming up, and were stunned by the speed and potential. A big question came to mind:

If we all had SUPERCOMPUTERS for playing games, what kind of amazing things could we do?

We have been building a custom engine (with the internal name 'Project B') - one that really needs the kind of power of the G4 provides to go flat out. We are using it test out the possibilities of the G4 and other processor architectures, to see what the future of gaming might be. In the following pages, we try and use our experiences to speculate and predict the possibilities.

We have released a demo of the engine - G4TimeDemo, and included download links and real timings below, so you can see what next generation gaming will look like, and how fast your Mac is compared with a G4.

    MacAddict (September 14th, 1999) says G4TimeDemo is "...a demo of their stealth Project B 3D engine, designed to pump out eye-popping effects at high frame-rates on a G4. Go ahead, try it on your 450 Yosemite - we're mirroring the download, but we've gotta warn you - the results may lead to severe G4 envy."

    The Mac Junkie (September 14th, 1999) evaluates G4TimeDemo and says "..this product is such a good one. In fact, what we may have here is a new standard for comparing the graphics acceleration of different Macintosh systems."

    Accelerate Your Mac! (October 20th, 1999) is now using G4TimeDemo to measure new G4 speeds. Please visit them to contribute or compare Mac speeds.

The new possibilities.

What to expect - types of games and % speed increases.

G4 and other PowerMac speed comparisons using G4TimeDemo. UPDATED

G4TimeDemo - see for yourself!

Why do other tests show little difference between a G3/500 and a G4/450?

Links to more information.

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