Project B - G4TimeDemo - see for yourself!


    We are making our custom 3D benchmark software available to the public. The software was used to get the results these results for G4's and other Power Macs. If you get some good results with it, please post on the comp.sys.mac.games.action newsgroup and we will add them to the table. We would be very interested in results for a G4/500, so we can compare 3D gaming speeds on the full range of G4 machines.

How to get G4TimeDemo

    Minimum system requirements:
      - 200 MHz or faster Power Macintosh,
      - 640x480 screen in thousands of colors,
      - 24 Megabytes or more of free RAM,
      - 15 Megabytes hard disk space,
      - System 8.1 or later.
      - 3D hardware card with at least 6 Megabytes of VRAM.

    The test requires QD3D 1.5 or greater, DrawSprocket 1.1.4, and SoundSprocket 1.0. All of these are available from the Apple web site e.g. the Sprocket extensions are available here . Important - if you have a Voodoo card, it must have RAVE drivers installed, and have at least 12MB of RAM.

    IMPORTANT - the file is a StuffIt 5 self extracting archive (sea). If you load it on a web browser which uses an older version of StuffIt, it may complain that the archive is corrupted. However, the archive is probably intact - just look for G4TimeDemo.032.sea and double click on it.

    G4TimeDemo is available from these sites:

    Thank you very much to all the sites who are mirroring the demo.

    If you manage to download it please send it on to others if you can. We are looking for mirrors, so please email us if you can host the demo, and we will link to you.